Payment Services: Options For Receiving Local And International Payments In Malaysia

In Mudeer, you can accept manual or automatic payments.

Automatic payments are payments the customer makes through Mudeer. These payments will be automatically recorded and the customer will receive a receipt.

Manual payments are payments the customer makes to your bank or Wise account. For these payments, you have to record and issue receipts in Mudeer yourself.

Currently, customers can only make automatic payments through a payment gateway.

If you operate in Malaysia, there are a few options for accepting local and international payments. Here is an overview of some of the payment services currently available:

ManualAutomatic (payment gateway)
LocalBank transferToyyibpay ✅
Billplz ✅
Bank transfer

✅ Mudeer integrates with

Most payment gateways in Malaysia accept payments through:

  1. FPX (local bank transfer) or
  2. Credit/debit cards (local and international)
  3. E-wallets (only some providers)

FPX which stands for Financial Process Exchange, allows customers to make payments through local bank transfers.

Here is a summary of the rates for each provider (as of 3 Oct 2023):

FPXLocal CardForeign Card
ToyyibpayRM1 / transaction1.5% of amount2.35% of amount
BillplzRM1.05 / transaction1.8% of amount
ChipRM1 / transactionCredit card – 2.2% of amount
Debit card – 1% of amount
Credit card – 3% of amount
Debit card – 1.8% of amount
Stripe3% + RM1 / transaction3% + RM14% + RM1
+ 2% if different currency 

What if I want customers to make payments directly to my bank or Wise account?

In Mudeer, you can put payment instructions in the invoice.

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